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The magic in cleaning. The tricks of stain removal. Nothing beats the experience. From floor polishing to janitorial services to home cleaning and maintenance, we have got you covered.


We can fight this common enemy together by disinfecting high touch surfaces always, washing our hands with soap and water frequently and maintaining social distancing. For disinfecting of your homes and offices we’re readily available to help you do that.


Plutus is licensed by the EPA to provide professional fumigation services. We have the experts with knowledge on how to deal with an infestation problem, the best way to eradicate the pest and provide advice on how to prevent reinfestation.


We offer comprehensive range of high quality landscaping services.

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Our team are carefully selected and trained to reach you no matter your location to solve your pest-control, disinfection and cleaning needs.

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When you think of Cleaning or Fumigation needs for homes, offices or apartments, think Plutus! We give you affordable and professional services that are worth every single penny you pay.


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We offer the best cleaning and fumigation services in the capital. Always available. Contact us today.


We provide excellent cleaning and fumigation services. Whatever your cleaning needs and budget, talk to us and we’ll best sort you out. Live life clean!